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"I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE the pictures that are online! You did an amazing job! Matt and I are so happy with how the whole day went and we both agree that choosing you as the photographer was one of the best decisions we made. The pictures turned out beautiful and you were a pleasure to have with us on our special day. Thank you again!"



"I have to tell you, the photographs you had in the slide showテモテつ brought me to tears. They are truly beautiful, and I cannot thank you enough for what you did. Your talent with the camera and the use of light just blewテモテつ me away."



"They look soooo great! I am so happy with them all - you did such an absolutely fantastic job! I love the ones of us in the woods, what am i talking about I love them all !!"



"We received the album Wednesday, I LOVE IT. I keep looking at it and see

something new every time. I'm so glad we decided to get it. Thanks for everything!!!!! "



"Greetings from the hot British Virgin Islands!テモテつ We just checked out the pictures and LOVE them.テモテつ You made our honeymoon even better."

テつ~Jenna & Matt


"We can not thank you enough for all of the special momentsof our wedding day. Your photographs are absolutely breathtaking.You were amazing to work with! We loved your style and how comfortable you made everyone feel. It is incredible how the photos really show everyone's personality! My mother-in-law said "these pictures are so you guys". We will treasure them forever.Thank you so much

-Cara and Jonathan

"Thank you once again for all your work before, during, and after the wedding. You certainly went above and beyond, our pictures are truly something we will cherish for years to come. Each and every special moment was captured exquisitely, and your style portraying the ceremony is breathtaking. We knew we had found an artist and the final images confirm it. We hope you had a much fun through the day as we did."
-Zach & Tara

"I just want to thank you so very much for being such an integral part of Erin and Nick's wedding on October 1st. Erin forwarded your email to us at home and I think I have looked at the pictures about 1,000 times. They are absolutely beautiful! You are truly a very talented photographer and really go the "extra mile". Can't wait to see the others!! What a wonderful remembrance we will have of their "special" day!! Truly a very heartfelt thank you from Steve and I."
-Angela (MOB)

"Thank you so much for sending us the link. Mike and I just got home from our honeymoon late last night. The pictures are AMAZING and we already fell completely in love with the ones we saw on the website. We are very excited to see the rest! Thank you so much for being part of our day, we feel we 100% made the right decision in having you as our photographer, we feel you captured what we were looking for."

-Cassie & Mike

"We took a look at the pictures last night and watched the slide show at least 5 times. They look beautiful! I think I cried each time I saw them. I cannot thank you enough for your beautiful work and service on our wedding day. Your pictures certainly captured so many wonderful memories! "

"Bill, Thank you much for everything. You were so kind and easy going. Our pictures are exactly what we wanted."
-Jessica and Chris

Hi Bill,
We received our album today and we couldn't be happier with the outcome! We hope to use you for future events/occasions as your work is second to none. Thank you so much!
-Michelle & Zach

Bill, These are absolutely stunning! I can't believe how well they came out. Thank you so much, you captured our day so well and because of that we'll have even better memories of the weekend. Everyone was commenting on how great you were!



"We wanted to take the opportunity to formally thank you for the incredible experience it has been knowing you. Your pictures of our wedding day are exquisite. You captured each moment yet alighted upon these moments with professionalism and warmth of familiarity at the same time. Thank you for sharing your gift with us."

- Laura and Mike


"We received our pictures and they are absolutely stunning. Everyone loves them and are commenting on what a great job you did. I am so grateful for your hard work. The pictures were very important to me, and you completely exceeded my expectations, they're better than I could have imagined."



"The pictures are absolutely beautiful!"



"We took a look at the pictures last night and watched the slide show at least 5 times. They look beautiful!テつ I think I cried each time I sawテつ them. I cannot thank you enough for your beautiful work and service on our wedding day. Your pictures certainly captured so many wonderful memories! "テつ



"I am looking through the pictures now, you are amazing!! These pictures came out so good!!"



"We looked at the proofing section and absolutely loved the photos! I am looking forward to the disc. We want to thank you for doing such a great job and making the whole process super easy for us. We had a lot of fun shooting and celebrating."


テつ"Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you regarding the wedding photos... Regardless, the photos are wonderful. テつJust looking at the first 100, (have looked all of them), I think you really captured the essence of the day. テつLovely! テつI had great confidence in you and the way the photos would turn out, but like other things related to the wedding, they exceeded my expectations. テつIt's always so nice when that happens.
Thanks for sharing your talents with us,



"These pictures are AMAZING! We love them and we can't wait to see the rest! We loved having you too - many folks commented on how you were around for all the important moments, but never seemed intrusive which i think is a great compliment. テつWe hope you had as much fun as I did! テつAnd thank you for taking pictures of the decor too - I loved how the room looked and I love being able to revisit it!"



"These are great. So exciting. I can't wait to see the other...!!
Thanks so much. When my son marries I'll give you a call!"

-Cynthia (MOB)



I bring over 25 years of experience as a professional photographer to your wedding, having been published in national and international magazines and books. My background is in fashion photography and working in editorial photography in NYC and in over 30 countries. This gives me a different point of reference which shows in my work which clients recognize and appreciate. You can also view my editorial work at Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


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